Thursday, June 10, 2010


I considered changing my signature line on my Yahoo! account and went looking for quotes about time.  I looked for quotes about time because it seems to me that it is so oft overlooked.  People view time in many ways yet we know little about it.

Often people will say "time passes so quickly" and it strikes me that is a very passive way to consider time. Truly, one could say time stands still and *we* move quickly or perhaps slowly.  As you fall into bed or into your bedroll or nod off on the couch, do you consider the day behind you?  Do you consider that day was there in its entirety when you approached it and you moved through it?  Or do you consider that you are living and waves of days approach *you* and pass you by?

Stop.  Think about that.

Are *you* moving through life or is it moving around you?

I have noted throughout my life that some people are spectators in their own lives.  They have no plans or intentions or direction.  They do not control or even seem to attempt to understand their role in their own lives.  Don't get me wrong.  I'm not saying you have to have everything planned out.  Perhaps your plan is to see where life leads and be ready for new opportunities.  That's still a plan.  It's still a decision.  It's still a sense of control and understanding of your role in your life.

So, I encourage you to be at minimum participatory in your life and at most decisive in its direction.  Above all....

Be True To Yourself,

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