Tuesday, July 13, 2010

You don't have to agree

There was a time...not long ago...when I felt it was my job to convince others to see things my way, that if they only understood WHAT I was doing and WHY I was doing it that they would come to their senses and follow suit.  I lost many friends and ostracized a number of others because of that.  Well, call it age or wisdom or whatever you will....I don't have that need anymore.  Frankly, I hope YOU are doing what works for YOU and WE will do what works for US.  I no longer feel the need to convince or convert.  It's not that I'm less committed, just that I've been faced with far too many people who feel that it's THEIR job to convince and convert ME to do things THEIR way and I now understand what it must've felt like for all those years when I was the one on the "pushy" side.

So, there you have it.  Agree with me or don't agree with me.  Ask questions or don't.  The ball is in your court and I'm not coming over there after it.  Above all, though....

Be True To Yourself,

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Annette said...

Marvelous! Thankfully, I really haven't gotten into any arguments or even heated discussions about our family's life path -- yet? I'm not good at confrontation, and frankly, I'm not out to change anyone's mind either.
If they are really my friend/loved-one, they know that we would only do what's truly best for our family, especially for our daughter.

Thanks for blogging!