Thursday, December 2, 2010

Still THAT Mom

A while ago there was a meme called "I'm THAT Mom" and I wrote on it.  Today I was pleasantly reminded that I'm still THAT Mom.

I'm THAT mom who can see when her kids are becoming overwhelmed by this stimulating life.  Because I'm THAT mom, I altered our plans for a two-week whirlwind of fun and science and snow and history and travel and, and, and.... and instead, we wrapped up part one of what was to be a three part adventure and we came home.  We canceled part two and we're looking forward to part three.

I'm THAT mom who can see that her kids have a home that is comfortable and happy for them; a home they don't wish to 'escape'.  I've seen a lot of places and had a lot of experiences.  I know what great and wonderous things are out there and I want to share them with those I love, but I don't want to do it at the expense of those I love.

I'm THAT mom who is grateful every day that her children have a life they can live at their speed.  I'm THAT mom who knows we aren't in a race to learn it, see it, do it.  It is about the JOURNEY and sometimes that means not taking a journey at all.

Be true to yourself,

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