Monday, October 26, 2009

First Post

So, here it is.  I've done it.  I've started a blog, joined with the other 21st century folks who feel the need to shower the world with their wisdom.

Much like my first child, though, it's a little overwhelming.  So much desire to do it "right", not to miss anything too important, not to make those horrible errors that make the nightly news.  So, I'm here.  I'm tiptoeing my way into the pool.  Of course, when you look back at this in a month or so, you'll laugh uproariously at the idea that I tiptoed in.

Why this blog.  Why are you reading now and what do you hope to gain?  Do you think it'll be funny? judgmental? poignant? wise?  YES!  I hope at some point it will be each of those things.

I love my life.  It's not that I have no imagination, but I'm completely satisfied.  I don't want or need for anything.  My children are my great joy and I derive so much pleasure from their presence in my life.

Be True To Yourself,

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