Monday, October 26, 2009

Thanks for noticing

I spent an evening in Sacramento with most of my crew and completely monopolized the conversation.  I rambled for nearly two hours about my kids and our adventures in homeschooling.  I realized on the walk back to my room that I was the only one talking for most of the dinner and felt rather sheepish.  The next morning when we arrived at the plane that A-line (aka Lead Flight Attendant) smiled and told me how much he enjoyed hearing about my family and our homeschooling.  What really touched me was when he said that it was obvious how much I love and appreciate my family.  On the plane, we see too many children treated as a inconvenience...a bother.  I see it on Facebook, too.  So many families looking forward to being without their children as they leave for a weekend away, a week at camp, back to school....anywhere as long as it's AWAY.  I can't begin to understand it.

Seize the day.  Love your family. 

Be True To Yourself,

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