Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I am THAT mom!

This is my first foray into a blog carnival.  Flo Gascon wrote a simple blog and Ronnie Sundance Maier ran with the idea by opening a blog carnival.  Enjoy!

I am THAT mom!  I am the mom who gets excited at the opportunity to blog about momming (yes, I made up a word) and read about other moms, but who puts her own desires aside because she has "the BEST computer" and the kids want to use it for Treasure Isle, Skype, Hogwarts Online, and any number of other activities.

I am THAT mom!  The one who can't seem to get started on this blog because one child wants to talk and one wants me to harvest his fruit on Treasure Isle (the third is off with Daddy).

I am THAT mom!  The one who wakes up to the sounds, faces, and snuggles of her children.  Who tells her children how much she loves them.

I am THAT mom!  The mom who brings in the money and calls the plumber and repairs what she can, but can't cook or sew or braid hair.

I am THAT mom!  The mom who will blog more about just WHAT kind of mom she is....when her children don't need her attention or want her computer.


Cap'n Franko said...

Nice one! Welcome to the (seemingly unending) carnival!

Ronnie said...

Brave Chris! :-)

Glad you joined in!