Monday, August 30, 2010

My how I've changed!

Tonight (late) I was all set for a bit of computer time while watching some Travel Channel when our son came down to perform a bit of card magic.  He is just learning and trying to rush through the mastery process, but I'm game.  Later, when I thought I was "done" being Mom for the night our daughter "chatted" me to look at an eBay item.  I stopped what I was doing and checked it out for her, gave her my opinion and went about my business.  She "chatted" me again about another item when she was outbid.  The *old* me would have responded, "Go to bed.  This is *my* time to return email, play games, surf the web and you keep interrupting.  Why are you still up?"  The *new* me responded, "I love you...I'll look at it."  A few minutes later she was playing with Skype and wanted to try transferring a call...guess who received the transfer.  Shortly after that another IM asking me to check out a status update so she could test a new *trick* she found. 

I'm not even a little annoyed at these interruptions.  Instead, I am tickled that our son is interested in learning magic and that he wants me to be part of that.  I love that our daughter is seeking information and input.  I'm glad that they *want* me to be such an involved part of their lives.  I'm happy that not only is she not embarrassed to transfer her BFF's call to me, but her BFF is comfortable enough to be transferred to me.  I am proud that my little girl is in command of the technology before her and isn't afraid to play with it and try new things.  I'm glad that our son is exploring a variety of interests.

I am delighted with the life we have and the *new* me!

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